I am Ngo Phuong Vy, a communication professional based in Hanoi and currently working for Le Bros as an Account Executive.

I really keen on working in communication field. I am curious about people and the idea of understanding and explaining their behaviors. I trust it as an important factor that leads to the success in any campaign. This has helped me tremendously when I need to analyse target audiences, therefore understanding them and align their needs with client's goal.

Thus, I'm a responsible, flexible and resilient person who trains herself to easily adapt to any situation and working environment. Therefore, I easily adpated to my current industry right after finishing my study at university.  

I'm also a very experienced team player and leader. The thing I’m most proud of myself is my ability to encourage my team and teammates, which I believe can help boost team morale. This's one of the reason why in group assignments, I’m usually assigned to be team leader, besides my sense of responsibility, carefulness, and problem solving ability.

Spending time with people makes me feel energetic but I have no trouble working independently. When I’m not working, I love spending time for myself to reboot my brain. That’s why I especially find pleasure in cooking, reading, singing, and going to the gym.

Make sure to check out my résumé and previous projects to see if I’m a good addition to your team.

And feel free to contact me!


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